Janice Stewart was my Executive Coach at a time in my career when I had to take a good long hard look at what was holding me back from reaching forward to claim real and full success in a leadership position. I didn’t even realise until a few sessions into my work with Janice that I was dragging along some pretty significant confidence problems that I needed to work through and get to the other side. I think about Janice as a Sherpa on the lifelong path up the Everest of a career as a professional person. Janice is an inspiration. She is deeply respectful, knows then to push, when to step to the side and when to provide full-on encouragement and support. Best of all is that I never wavered when working with Janice in feeling like she had complete confidence in me. I could say that Janice taught me how to fly, and that I have never looked back.

– Pam D., Executive Director, Community Non-Profit

I was newly hired into a management position.  It was a difficult time for me because the company was implementing a lot of changes and it was my job to lead the team through the change.  Personalities and established work-place patterns made this almost impossible. I thought I would try coaching. With Janice, I was able to change my communication style and thereby significantly improve my interactions with both peers and clients. Janice has an amazing ability to cut through the BS and get down to innovative problem solving and forward movement.  Working with her was transformational.   Janice’s coaching was invaluable, and will have an ongoing  positive impact on my approach to leadership.

– Catherine K., Senior Manager,  Pharmaceutical company